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Name: WeWOOD

Products: Watches

Beneficiaries: Environment

How it all started:

Founded in 2009, WeWOOD was created by Alessandro Rosano, Daniele Guidi and Emma Bogren, who were curators, designers, and entrepreneurs in the Italian fashion industry. The first watch was designed in Florence with completely recycled and chemical free wood in 2010 and WeWOOD hit the scene as the avant-garde approach to sophisticated sustainability. With a pledge to plant a tree for every watch bought, WeWOOD opened a branch in Los Angeles and teamed up with tree-planting-partners ‘American Forests’ and ‘Trees For The Future’. 

Where they are today:

Having originally only 2 designs of watches, WeWOOD has expanded its designs of analog and digital timepieces to include 7 types of natural wood, all chemical and dye free. The watches have caught the attention of consumers through interviews and articles in renowned publications including ELLE, Vogue Italy, OK! Magazine, and the New York Post. As of December 2013, WeWOOD has helped plant over 250,000 trees!

Rebekah Says:

"While some of us want to abide by the latest fashion trends, no one wants to be lost in the uniform crowd where everyone is wearing the same exact thing. You definitely won’t have that problem with a WeWOOD watch. Each watch is completely unique and shows off the natural beauty of the wood, drawing compliments from admirers, and helping Mother Earth one tree at a time!"

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